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Mon Sep 22 14:54:57 CEST 2014

On Sun, 21 Sep 2014 18:29, e1ven at e1ven.com said:

> Charles - I believe it's using gpgv to verify the downloads - If you

Right, I hoped that at least gpgv is availabale on all major platforms
by default.  It is the case for most Linux distributions.  I print a
warning now.

> As before, you need to have automake installed - It looks like it
> still really wants automake 1.11.

I can't see why you need automake or autoconf for building.  You need it
only if you build from GIT.  I just removed autoconf and automake from
my machine and the speedo build works as expected.

> You'll also want to set gl_cv_absolute_stdint_h, so that gpg picks up the version in /usr
> gl_cv_absolute_stdint_h=/usr/include/stdint.h

With no access to an OS X mahcine it is hard for me to figure out why the
configure checks fail.  I'd appreciate any help.

> OSX ships with "shasum", rather than "sha1sum", so you need to modify
> speedy to use this method

Now runtime detected.

> Finally, we need to edit the Makefile-
> edit  common/Makefile.am, and go to line 194. Replace:
> t_common_ldadd = libcommon.a ../gl/libgnu.a \
> with
> t_common_ldadd = libcommon.a libcommon_a-init.o ../gl/libgnu.a \

Well, this change is of course the reason why you need automake.

However, I am still puzzled why you need to add init.o.  It is already
included in libcommon.a and the functions from libcommon.a don't use
functions from init.o.  Can you provide a build log again without the
above patch?  I would also like to see the libcommon.a
libcommon_a-init.o and the main object file of a failing test program
(tar up, gzip and send to me by PM).



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