./configure: line 9178: syntax error near unexpected token `LIBGNUTLS, '

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at guardianproject.info
Fri Feb 6 13:32:36 CET 2015

Werner Koch:
> On Tue,  3 Feb 2015 23:00, hans at guardianproject.info said:
>> installing pkg-config on the machine where it wasn't working.  Updating the
>> Android build to use automake1.14 is probably non-trivial :-(  Also,
> You need to do it at some point anyway.  People have been complaining
> about not using 1.14 for a long time and thus with Jessie being close to
> a release I made the switch.
> 1.14 was released in June 2013.  You may run
>  sed 's/min_automake_version="1.14"/min_automake_version="1.13"/'
> on all configure files.  It should work as well with 1.13 but given that
> I did not tested it I set the min version to 1.14.

I know messing with the build system is not fun work, and can be a time sink.

Ideally, it would be compatible with both 1.11 and 1.14.  Is that not
possible?  Otherwise, I guess I have to wait for Debian/jessie to come out, or
we find some new GPG-Android funding to do a real update.  At least 2.1.1
seems to be mostly working on Android.  I'm doing GPG-Android updates here and
there on my own time these days.  I know you know all about that :).


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