Problem with own pinentry

Simon Dieterle mailinglist at
Sat Jan 10 23:46:26 CET 2015


i started coding a pinentry for use with gnome-shell and gnome-keyring
as optional passphrase storage. When i invoke the pinentry via the terminal

OK Your orders please
D MyTestPin

every thing seems to work. I encountered a problem when i kill the
gpg-agent and let it start again with clicking on an gpg encrypted mail
in thunderbird. gpg-agent starts with

gpg-agent --homedir /home/simon/.gnupg --use-standard-socket --daemon

and thunderbird can not decrypt because goes wrong with the pinentry.

What i find really strange is that if i kill the agent and start it via
the terminal, pinentry retrieves the information from gnome-keyring and
thunderbird is able to decrypt the message.

Manually invoking the agent leads to different results compared to
letting it start.

I really don't have a idea where the error is. And i also don't know
where to look. How would i compare the exchange between GPG agent and
pinentry in both cases.


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