Hang in scdaemon or pcsc-wrapper on Yosemite

Lukas Pitschl lukele at gpgtools.org
Wed Jan 14 12:42:41 CET 2015


many of our users using smart cards (especially YubiKey Neo) are experiencing a problem where the scdaemon hangs on Yosemite after a while.
While the timing is random, the problem seems to be appearing for all of them.

In order to find out what’s going on we were trying to connect to a debug build of scdaemon and pcsc-wrapper. Unfortunately though,as soon as the debugger is connected, scdaemon as well as the pcsc-wrapper exit due to a SIGPIPE signal.

We were wondering if any of you could tell us how to properly debug scdaemon or why it might exit when trying to connect a debugger.
Also if anyone knows what might lead to a hang in scdaemon, that information would be very valuable as well.



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