Default configuration of pinentry in gnome3

Andreas Stieger andreas.stieger at
Tue Jun 9 08:44:12 CEST 2015


On 09/06/15 05:31, Watson Sato wrote:
> Hi, I'm Yuuma and I'm working on GNOME side of pinentry-gnome3 as a GSoC
> project.
> With pinentry-gnome3 implemented we are looking to set this pinentry
> program as default in gnome3.
> I know it' possible to configure the default pinentry through
> configuration in gpg-agent.conf file and it also can be passed as a
> parameter on execution.
> But what would be the way for GNOME to change default pinentry to
> pinentry-gnome3 when starting a session?
> Neal has mentioned that Debian uses update-alternatives to configure the
> default pinentry, would this approach be enough?
> Maybe reading a secondary config file where session managers can change
> stuff.
> Is there a better approach?

You may be interested to know that SUSE/openSUSE and Fedora (et al) use
a script wrapper in /usr/bin/pinentry that auto-detects the running
graphical environment, desktop sesssion and installed pinentry binaries
and calls the best available one. I found this to be superior to

The openSUSE one has testamentary support for the newly added
pinentry-gnome3, maybe you can suggest an environment variable for
detecting a GNOME3 session reliably?


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