Removing --print-dane-records ?

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Jul 7 20:10:40 CEST 2016

On Thu,  7 Jul 2016 19:46, dkg at said:

> If you think it's a cleaner interface without, i'd say go ahead and
> remove it.

Yes I think so.  The reason I originally implemented as an option for -k
was pure laziness.  Meanwhile I cleaned up the export code and it is now
possible to understand the code to some degree.

The other option was to add a filter like --export-filter to the -k
command but I had no clean idea on how this would be useful.

I also realized that large parts of the code for export and import
duplicate functionality and have minor semantic differences.  This
should eventually be folded into one

> That said, is it that much more intuitive as an export option?  All the
> other export-options are filters that decide which packets should be
> emitted.  This one actually transforms the output format entirely.  It

Well, --export takes care of --output which is sometimes useful.  There
used to be an export option to export as an s-expression which also
transformed the output.

> i'd be fine either way, but i agree with you that there should be only
> one standard way to get gpg to emit the dane records, i just don't know
> which one is preferable.

Yeah.  Right now it should be possible to remove the options so that we
do not need to carry an --fixed-list-mode around for more than a decade.



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