gpg 2.1.x can't retrieve any keys from any keyservers, gpg 2.0.x can ?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Wed Nov 30 22:21:59 CET 2016

On 30/11/16 22:05, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> Obviously you could also pay for support, in that case somebody would
> look at it for you.

Upon reading it back, I notice that the intended meaning very much
depends on the reader putting the correct inflection in the sentence.

What I meant is, if you payed someone, maybe they could work more
directly with you over phone, video chat or SSH, and look at it. Do it
for you rather than that you had to do most of it yourself.

But since this stress on the word "for" is lost in written words, it
easily reads as "if only you would pay, then somebody would look at it".
That is definitely not how I meant it!

I myself don't give paid support, and I wouldn't feel qualified enough
to ask money for it anyway!


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