[PATCH HEAD] i18n fixes

Ineiev ineiev at gnu.org
Wed Oct 5 17:24:17 CEST 2016

By the way, current lines 1569-1578 of g10/tofy.c
also look problematic.

--- >8 ---
              if ((binding->flags & BINDING_REVOKED))
                  es_fprintf (fp, _("revoked"));
                  es_fprintf (fp, _(", "));
              else if ((binding->flags & BINDING_EXPIRED))
                  es_fprintf (fp, _("expired"));
                  es_fprintf (fp, _(", "));
--- 8< ---

I really think this is where context should be used
with the messages joined, like

es_fprintf (fp, pgettext ("key binding", "revoked, "));

You can't have the same translation of "revoked" for
"key" and "binding", they have different grammatical genders.

Yes, this means including a copy of gettext.h in the distribution.
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