GSoC 2018

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sat Dec 9 22:23:16 CET 2017

> Are we going to propose any projects for the Google Summer of Code 2018?

I think there are a few bite-sized projects that would work well for
GSoC.  Porting the default Win32 passphrase dialog to Qt 5 or Gtk+3, for
instance, as the current one is looking kind of ugly and clunky.

> 1 - Rewrite EasyGnuPG (
>      so that it is built with Python and GPGME

It's pre-1.0, has a very small userbase, and the only person (you)
capable of serving as a mentor on it doesn't know Python or GPGME.

> 2 - Implement a GUI to EasyGnuPG (maybe with Python).

I don't understand why a GUI would be placed on a shell script,
especially when it just as easily could do the tasks directly by calling
to GPGME.  This project also seems redundant with the plethora of key
managers out there: Enigmail, Kleopatra, GPA, etc.

> 3 - Extend EasyGnuPG with scripts/commands that automate
>      other common usage scenarios (for example keeping the master key
> on a card).

Without a significant number of users, there are no common usage scenarios.

I appreciate your desire to hack on a project and I don't want to
dissuade you from spending your time hacking on whatever you choose: go,
have fun, get down with your bad self, and please share your code.  :)
But I don't think EasyGnuPG is a suitable project for a GSoC at this time.

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