Pinentry grabbing keyboard and mouse

William L. Thomson Jr. wlt-ml at
Thu May 25 02:28:50 CEST 2017

I sent the below message a while back with no response. Though having
looked into the situation more. I have further relevant information.

As stated below, I am pretty sure the Qt 4 and 5, nor FLTK version of
pinentry grab the keyboard and mouse. Only the GTK one, and maybe Gnome
ones do grab keyboard and mouse.

Without going into discussion on such. There is one technical reason
why such may be the case. It is a technical reason why I feel the EFL
version of pinentry should not at this time grab keyboard or mouse.

I have to confirm, but seems grabbing keyboard and/or mouse is not
possible, and/or code exists for such when using Wayland. Which makes
such feature only X specific. That may be why Qt and/or FLTK does not
have grab support. It would not work under Wayland, only X, if both
can be supported without issue.

Regarding the EFL version of pinentry. To support X grab, requires X
specific code. Which can cause crash and issues under Wayland. Or nasty
if define conditionals. Which cannot always prevent some situations, and
still have crash/issues.  For EFL applications it is best to not use
platform specific code. It maybe running under Windows, or Apple cocoa,
in addition to X or Wayland, as an example. Not applicable to
EFL pinentry.

Either way I rather not bind EFL pinentry to X if it is not a
must. Thus for now, till at least Wayland has support for such, and an
abstract layer for both in EFL. The grab code will likely have to be
omitted from EFL pinentry. As it seems to be from QT and FLTK.

On Thu, 13 Apr 2017 16:26:12 -0400
"William L. Thomson Jr." <wlt-ml at> wrote:

> I was recently discussing the EFL/Enlightenment version of Pinentry
> with the author of the patches previously sent to list, Mike
> Blumenkrantz. Mike based his work off the GTK version. I opened a
> task/ticket on the issue[1].
> In looking at the QT and the newly added FLTK versions. I noticed
> neither seem to be, unless I missed something, grabbing the keyboard
> and mouse as the GTK version does.
> I am not sure if that is legacy or the proper way. Or why other
> versions do not seem to have that feature. Not sure if it is a
> requirement that pinentry be blocking, take over keyboard and mouse.
> Such that the window cannot be moved, nothing else done till
> passphrase entered, confirmation, etc. Or that was just the choice of
> the GTK author at the time of making that version.
> Which is the correct way?
> Is there a requirement on grabbing keyboard and mouse?
> How come other versions seem to lack such feature?
> I just want to be consistent with other versions. Also meet project
> requirements, etc. I will be looking to further Mike's work to get it
> accepted into Pinentry. Hopefully sooner than later, but I understand
> this process can take some time.
> Any information or assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

William L. Thomson Jr.
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