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Werner Koch wk at
Thu Mar 8 17:23:00 CET 2018

On Wed,  7 Mar 2018 10:30, ben at said:

> 	So I'm trying to tidy up some of the ancient things and make
> the GPGME TODO list a thing that is both worth checking and
> achievable.

Oh, that is a pretty old file with the last Chnages from 2009.

>     ** gpg 1.4.2 lacks error reporting if sign/encrypt with revoked
>     key.

According to the gpg NEWS this didn't chnaged.  I would say mark it as

>     ** gpg 1.4.2 does crappy error reporting (namely none at all) when
>        smart card is missing for sign operation:
> 	gpg: selecting openpgp failed: ec=6.110
> 	gpg: signing failed: general error
> 	gpg: test: sign+encrypt failed: general error

We will definitely not do any updates for smartcard in gpg 1.4 anymore.
Thus this is also a WONTFIX.

>     ** Without agent and with wrong passphrase, gpg 1.4.2 enters into
>     an infinite loop.

Indeed?  This might have been fixes since 1.4.2 - I have not checked.

>  3. Should we mark them as done, won't fix or just cut them from the
>     TODO file?

Mark them as and also add a note to the top of the TODO that the file
might be out of date and that current feature requests can be found at



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