Preserving non-central and privacy with a "permission recording keyserver" (was: Launching a new keyserver on!)

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Wed Jul 10 14:52:45 CEST 2019

> Real names are not unique. For any given real name it is almost
> guaranteed that someone else in the world has the same name.

For a dark and terrifying example, consider the other Robert Hansen who
grew up in northwest Iowa.

Or consider the other Robert Hansen who spoke at Black Hat:

Back in the late '90s there were a few Robert Hansens in comp.os.linux.*
and we often got confused for each other, including this guy:

In a final example of namespace collision: the serial killer Robert
Hansen from northwest Iowa was eventually apprehended thanks to
contributions from an FBI agent named John Douglas.

A different John Douglas is an old friend of mine from high school.

The upshot of all this is: saying "real names are not unique" is an
overstatement.  Name collisions occur _all the time_.  If your system
incorporates real names, this is something you need to think about now,
not later.

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