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> Hi,
> Last year we discussed a request/proposal for improving the command line
> UI of gnupg:
> We decided that making radical changes to the current UI of gnupg is a
> huge task, risky, unfeasible, and in general not worth the trouble.
> However I came up with a proposal for writing just a wrapper to the
> current gpg command, that organizes the commands and options in a different
> way, presumably more easy and intuitive. This wrapper will not affect in no
> way the gpg command itself, it will be just like "syntactic sugar", and in
> the end it will call the gpg command itself, with the proper arguments and
> options.
> This wrapper can be written in Bash, Python, Go, etc. It should be very
> easy to develop such a wrapper, assuming that we already know all the
> details about the commands and options of gnupg, and we have a clear idea
> about the new system of commands and options that we want to build. This
> new system of commands and options doesn't have to cover 100% of the
> functionality of the gpg command; for the few things that may remain
> unimplemented the user may use the gpg command directly.
> I think this is suitable task for a GSoC project that can be developed in
> 2-3 months by a good student, with help and guidance from mentors. It can
> be submitted to GNU, which acts as an ombrella organization on GSoC for all
> the gnu projects:
> I think it is worth a try, there is nothing to risk or to loose.
> Anybody interested or willing to be a mentor for this project? I might be
> a mentor as well, if needed, since I do have some mentoring experience from
> the last year GSoC.
> Regards,
> Dashamir
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