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Last year we discussed a request/proposal for improving the command line UI
of gnupg:

We decided that making radical changes to the current UI of gnupg is a huge
task, risky, unfeasible, and in general not worth the trouble.

However I came up with a proposal for writing just a wrapper to the current
gpg command, that organizes the commands and options in a different way,
presumably more easy and intuitive. This wrapper will not affect in no way
the gpg command itself, it will be just like "syntactic sugar", and in the
end it will call the gpg command itself, with the proper arguments and

This wrapper can be written in Bash, Python, Go, etc. It should be very
easy to develop such a wrapper, assuming that we already know all the
details about the commands and options of gnupg, and we have a clear idea
about the new system of commands and options that we want to build. This
new system of commands and options doesn't have to cover 100% of the
functionality of the gpg command; for the few things that may remain
unimplemented the user may use the gpg command directly.

I think this is suitable task for a GSoC project that can be developed in
2-3 months by a good student, with help and guidance from mentors. It can
be submitted to GNU, which acts as an ombrella organization on GSoC for all
the gnu projects:
I think it is worth a try, there is nothing to risk or to loose.

Anybody interested or willing to be a mentor for this project? I might be a
mentor as well, if needed, since I do have some mentoring experience from
the last year GSoC.

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