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Sat Jun 26 10:55:00 CEST 2021

Andrew Gallagher via Gnupg-devel <gnupg-devel at> writes:

> Signature attestations will help tackle many of the abuse (and
> functional limitation) issues, if we can get them standardised in a
> future openpgp update (rfc4880tris?).

First-party attested third-party certifications (1pa3pc) as described by
Werner, Vincent, and dkg in RFC4880bis-10 are implemented in DKGPG,
PGPy, and Sequoia.  Command-line frontends for DKGPG and Sequoia can be
used to attest to certifications.

As of Thursday, serves attested third-party
certifications in accordance with the principle of primary key

I'm happy to answer any questions related to this.

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