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On 25/06/2021 16:29, deloptes via Gnupg-devel wrote:
> So to put it short in the future there will be no openpgp server(s) 
> because of the GDRP?

I wouldn't go that far, but GDPR does pose technical challenges - many 
of which were already known.

> I was wondering who is objecting the existence of the SKS server. In the 
> mail thread (from 2018) and the message from this month, it says only 
> about more and more complains.
Anyone making a data deletion request under GDPR should not have their 
email address widely shared, so we do not (and should not) know the 
details of who has been contacting Kristian directly.

> Could it be potential attack on the opengpg community - I could not 
> follow until the end. Can you summarize who and how took the decision to 
> take this server down?

Kristian has been running by himself for quite some 
time as a service to the community. Progressively more software is using by default, so the cost/benefit ratio of keeping alive has changed. There have been sabotage attempts 
against the keyserver network (malicious or misguided, it's not clear) 
but we should not assume that people exercising their rights under data 
protection law are in any way associated with those.

> Couple of years ago, I thought finally someone took care of GPG and did 

> the right thing, so that one can have a single server, to look for and 
> upload keys - now it seems it is over

You are probably thinking of It isn't the final answer 
either, it just weighs its compromises differently...

Andrew Gallagher

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