Sending key to WKS manually

Dashamir Hoxha dashohoxha at
Wed Mar 17 11:15:34 CET 2021

On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 10:05 AM Werner Koch <wk at> wrote:

> I don't know about msmtp but I would expect that it comes with a
> /var/lib/sendmail wrapper.  So all you need to do is to add --send to
> the gpg-wks-client invocation.

Yes, msmtp can work as a replacement for sendmail, so that we can use
the --send option. But this requires global configuration of the SMTP
server, username, password etc. For testing and for sending a couple
of emails I would prefer to use the command line options, instead of
making a global configuration. By the way, this is a good tutorial
about msmtp:

> Given tha you seem to use mutt, you may simply add
> application/vnd.gnupg.wks; /home/wk/b/gnupg/tools/gpg-wks-client \
>    -v --read --send; needsterminal; description=WKS message
> to /etc/mailcap and you are done.

I don't usually use Mutt, I was trying to find an alternative to
Thunderbird for testing the WKS server.

I have seen these instructions on the WKS wiki page, but I am not sure
how it is supposed to work. Does it mean that when we receive the
email "Confirm your key publication", we can open the attachment and
Mutt will process it automatically with gpg-wks-client? But this also
requires to setup sendmail because Mutt alone is not enough? On the
other hand, how do we send the key-publication-request from Mutt (how
do we initiate the key publishing process)?

By the way, is there any chance that the mailcap mechanism could work
with Thunderbird and other applications, or it is specific to Mutt

Thanks for helping me to understand this better.


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