Japanese and UTF8

IIDA Yosiaki iida@ring.gr.jp
17 Feb 2000 21:23:32 +0900

Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org> writes:

>that in Tokyo and it boiled down to let the OS/libc do it. Okay, how?
The libc does have convert functions, but we need to specify from which code and to which. Inside of OpenPGP is ALWAYS UTF-8 and we are happy. Outside of OpenPGP may vary depending on environment. I see there are some options. * To assume outside is also UTF-8 and we don't convert at all. * To assume outside is also UTF-8, but we do convert from/to printable ASCII (with technique such as in RFC 2253). * To assume outside is always fixed charset, say ISO-2022-JP (or EUC-JP or whatever). * To assume that the charset is specified explicitly. -- iida