How to check RSA-signatures?

Christian Kurz
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 16:49:03 +0100

Karsten Patzwaldt <> wrote:

> Recently, I read in a newsgroup that there is a patch for GnuPG that
> makes it possible to check RSA signatures. It was also mentioned that
> this patch should be available on the GnuPG homepage, but I didn't find
> a patch neither there nor at Altavista.

> Does this patch really exist? Where can I get it? Is it possible to use
> it with the most recent version?
Yes, you can get it from the homepage of gnupg. There are to files rsa.c and idea.c which you need to fetch. Then you compile them and put them in an appreciate path, where gpg can find them. Now you put "load-extension rsa" and "load-extension idea" int the options file and you are able to check RSA-Signature with gpg. Ciao Christian -- /* Christian Kurz */