Decryption problem

Johan Wevers
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 23:13:07 +0200 (MET DST)

Robert Fendt wrote:

> You should also get the file idea.c. Old PGP Algorithms were MD5, RSA, IDEA.
> Compiling should be like rsa.c. When generating messages, consider to use the
> switch --rfc1991 in order to generate messages that can be read by PGP 2.x.
I never got that to work. My ~/.gnupg/options file contains: force-v3-sigs load-extension rsa load-extension idea load-extension skipjack compress-algo 1 cipher-algo IDEA digest-algo MD5 s2k-cipher-algo IDEA s2k-digest-algo MD5 rfc1991 When I encrypt a file with: gpg -ca --rfc1991 filename and then try to decrypt it with pgp 2.6.3ia, I get: File is conventionally encrypted. You need a pass phrase to decrypt this file. Enter pass phrase: Just a moment... Error: Bad pass phrase. Each time. I used a very simple pass phrase (just the word "test"), so I doubt any code page subtleties are the problem. The same problem when I use a public RSA key. When I try putting all options on the command line I get: vulcan:~/tmp> gpg --rfc1991 --s2k-digest-algo MD5 --digest-algo MD5 --cipher-algo IDEA --s2k-cipher-algo IDEA -u johanw filename gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found. gpg: processing message failed: eof I want to use gpg to be able to communicate with PGP 2, 5 and 6 users without giving up my pgp 2.x keys. Is this possible at all, or should I hack gpg for it? -- ir. J.C.A. Wevers // Physics and science fiction site: // Finger for my PGP public key. PGP-KeyID: 0xD42F80B1