Decryption problem

Werner Koch
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 08:52:05 +0200

Johan Wevers <> writes:

> I never got that to work. My ~/.gnupg/options file contains:
> force-v3-sigs
> load-extension rsa
> load-extension idea
Well, you know that this is patented - hope you are only doing this for research.
> load-extension skipjack
DONT USE THIS CIPHER - I simply wrote it to see how fast I can implement a new cipher., GUESS WHY THE NSA RELEASED THESE SECRET ALGORITHM TO THE PUBLIC? IT HAS SEVERAL WEAKNESSES and is not OpenPGP compliant.
> gpg -ca --rfc1991 filename
I am not sure whether this ever worked. I know that decryption worked.
> vulcan:~/tmp> gpg --rfc1991 --s2k-digest-algo MD5 --digest-algo MD5
> --cipher-algo IDEA --s2k-cipher-algo IDEA -u johanw filename
Add a "-e" to encrypt and "-r" for the recipient of the message -- Werner Koch at keyid 621CC013