Florian Weimer
15 Apr 2000 20:13:07 +0200

Jens <> writes:

> On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Werner Koch wrote:
> > > In particular, we would like to use it to generate
> > > license keys for the product.
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > For what are these good?! Sorry, I won't support such mechanisms and
> > it is sad enough that you can use gpg to do this (if it is a different
> > process and you promise to deliver the source of gpg)

> If you do really think so, then you should IMHO actually ask yourself if
> it is a good idea to release gpg under the terms of the GPL.
Eh, do you really think a free software author is forced to support silly (sorry, Patrick) user requests?
> Sorry to say that, but GPL means freedom.
Yes, but this kind of freedom might even be abused to restrict freedom of others. And that's certainly a sad thing.