Still problems with kmail 1.0.x and gpg

Wed, 26 Jul 2000 12:01:30 +0200


1st of all, to whom it may concern ;-)
thank you VERY much for your fine work with both kde1 and kde2, last not least
gnupg !

but now for the bad news... i successfully applied and compiled your patch for
gpg-support with kmail 1.0.x. encrypting works well. encrypting and signing
works well. only signing a message doesn't work.

kmail-Bug#3843: marked as done (GPG: Sending a mail with a bad password do not
encrypt) is not included in the patch, right ? (and my knowledge to c is to
limited for me to merge it...)

but, in my opinion, "worst of all" is the fact that kmail doesn't decrypt
encrypted mails nor does it check signed ones :-( is this hard to implement /
merge from 1.1x ? can anyone confirm this ?

i am using debian-slink, gnu-pg1.0.1, kde1.1.2-19990906.

or do all _stable_ kmail-users have to wait for kde2 to get intregated
cryptography in kde/kmail ?


p.s.: 	you can get the kmail-gpg-patch at

p.p.s.:	i am not aware if i am allowed to post to