Can't send complete key to servers

Ben Paul Wise
Fri Apr 13 22:07:01 2001

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Thanks for the clarification. The public keys returned by the server do not 
have any invalid signatures in them, so far as I can tell.

Is there any discussion of Photo ID or Biometric ID becoming part of a future 

On Friday 13 April 2001 13:51, Werner Koch allegedly wrote:

> On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, Ben Paul Wise wrote:
> > Is there a way to put keys on a server so that people get them with the
> > picture? If the protocol allows it, then what am I doing wrong?
> I guess you mean what I call Photo ID and NAI calls Biometric
> Indetification Packet.
> This is not part of OpenPGP and violates the standard. They use a
> packet number which is neither assigned by OpenPG nor in the range
> for private extensons. GnuPG has some minimal support for it but due
> to lacking specs for that packet there is nothing more we know.
> IMHO, the keyserver behaves correctly if it drops these packets. I
> have not expected that they can handle it at all and assume that the
> won't drop the binding signature for the PhotoID so that you have at
> leas one invalid signature - well I am not sure of course.
> Ciao,
> Werner
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