Encrypted Session Key is Bad?

Nick Andriash Nick Andriash <andriash@home.com>
Tue Apr 24 03:33:01 2001

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When I use PGP to decrypt a message encrypted using GnuPG 1.0.4-2 by Keith
Ray (and GnuPGShell v1.71 as a front-end), I receive a PGP error message
stating that the "encrypted session key is bad". The recipients of those
encrypted messages who use PGP are also receiving the same error message.

The default Key I use is my 3072 bit DH/DSS ElGamal Key that I have been
using with PGP for the last couple of years and I have never experienced
this problem before. The only thing that has changed is that my Mail
Client (The Bat) now has GPG support through a Plugin.

Could the Plugin have some effect on how GPG encrypts the Session Key? I
thought once that process starts, nothing would interfere with it? We have
no problem decrypting those messages with GPG, aside from a reference to
an old style signature which I presume is from --force-V3-sigs:

gpg: encrypted with 3072-bit ELG-E key, ID E8634C4B, created 2000-10-11
      "Allie Martin <alliem@kasnet.com>"
gpg: no secret key for decryption available
gpg: old style (PGP 2.x) signature
gpg: Signature made 04/22/01 21:11:49  using DSA key ID 7BA3FDCE
gpg: Good signature from "Nick Andriash <andriash@home.com>"
gpg:                 aka "Nick Andriash <andriash@OperaMail.com>"
gpg:                 aka "Nick Andriash <andriash@hushmail.com>"

Do you think that perhaps the "Encrypted Session Key is bad" is caused by
the Plugin?


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