Using GnuPG under Windows 98

Remco Lubbers Remco Lubbers" <
Thu Apr 26 11:45:01 2001

Hi all,

I've been using GPG for a few weeks now and only with other Linux users.
Yesterday a (windows-using) friend of mine, who used to use PGP 5.5, wanted to
start using GnuPG for crypting and signing e-mails. I told him that it should
not be a problem since I didn't have any problems getting GPG running on my
linux-box using Pronto! and I saw there was a Windows version of GPG.
After I few hours he gave me a ring that he wasn't able to get it going. He
created a key-pair and inported my public key. decrypting my files => nopro.
But he wasn't able to figure out how to get MS Outlook Express 5.5 to work with

So I took a copy of Windows 98SE, installed it (took me 2 hours and I think the
thing has been rebooted a million times). Got it on the internet, downloaded
GPG4win, got it running, but I don't understand how to get Outlook Express
(V5.0) to work with GPG either! I thought Windows was supposed to be for
computer-illiterates? Easy for anyone who has never worked with a computer
before. Outlook Express is jabbering about certificates and file-types and
such. It won't recognize any key, not in any format?

Can anybody tell us how to get this stuff up 'n runnin' under Window$?



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