Using GnuPG under Windows 98

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Hi there, Remco Lubbers,

On 26 April 2001, I received the following message from you regarding
"Using GnuPG under Windows 98"

RL> I thought Windows was supposed to be for
RL> computer-illiterates? Easy for anyone who has never worked with a
RL> before. Outlook Express is jabbering about certificates and
file-types and
RL> such. It won't recognize any key, not in any format?
RL> Can anybody tell us how to get this stuff up 'n runnin' under

What your seeing is OE's standard encryption system S/Mime, which is
not what you want.

As GnuPG runs from the command line, you will need a Windows front end
such as GnuPGShell which is available from and I would also suggest you get the
version of GnuPG with the security patches and the IDEA module from

This will enable you to use Outlook Express with GnuPG but from
outside the e-mail program.  If you want to use e-mail programs with
GnuPG support built in, get the beta version of The Bat! or Becky!2
with its BkGnuPG plug in.

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