Mac OS X

Mark Weaver
Wed Aug 1 01:47:02 2001

Ok...but *nix is still basically *nix no matter what "name" you place on
it. It all still works the same.


On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, David Champion wrote:

> On 2001.07.31, in <>,
> "Mark Weaver" <> wrote:
> > wait...i'm confused about something here. if MacOS X is the Mac GUI
> > sitting on top of a Linux kernel/filesystem with all the bells, whistles,
> > and strengths of Linux, then why is it you're having trouble compiling
> > anything at all provided you've got the tools necessary install on that
> > system.
> It's not sitting atop Linux, it's Apple's own Unix-like OS, named
> "Darwin", derived from FreeBSD sources. Linux isn't in this picture.