libgcrypt: beginners question

August C. Quint
Sat Aug 4 18:20:01 2001


I'm new to this group. I hope you can give me some hints for using

My environment: we develop software ourselves, querying an Oracle-db and
preparing the data for printing by the German Post. We have a tradition of
portable software, so our software can run unmodified under Solaris, HPUX,
AIX, Windows NT, VMS etc.

For this application the software must run under NT, and its developped
using MS Visual C++ 5.0 (our usual plattform for development).

What I wanted to do: instead of printing the data I want to create a file in
PDF-format and send this file via mail. This problem ist solved. Additionaly
I want to create a digital signature, send this together with the PDF-file
and also store this in our database.

I tried this approach with gpg and it worked (created a signature, checked
it) but I prefer calling some code in a lib (or in a DLL) instead of
starting an external programm. So I found libgcrypt version 1.1.3. I assume
this code does what I want.

I can find some MAKEFILES but I did not find anything which I could use from
VC++. Has anyone used the code within VC++ and can give me a URL or an hint
to an FAQ or ....