Estimated release of GnuPG 1.0.7?

Olivier Mascia
Mon Dec 17 10:38:01 2001


Werner Koch wrote (regarding GnuPG server issues on Win2K) :

WK> Not in the current CVS afaik.  It should get fixed in 1.0.7 though.


WK> I noticed your .biz address, so let's take it serious: If you need
WK> 1.0.7 faster, you should contact me at and we can work out
WK> details.  My priorities are security fixes, paid work, pro bono work
WK> for free OSes, pro bono work for other OSes - in this order.

Great. I'll have a look for myself at what this issue looks like and if
I can fix it, else I will gladly talk with you of other possibilities.

WK> > I have probably overlooked the website, but did not find coordinates of
WK> > the CVS repository (so I could have checked that by myself in the source
WK> - there is even a we interface at this address.

Perfect. Thanks.

WK> > Are there instructions somewhere on building GnuPG 1.06 on Windows
WK> > systems ?
WK> see doc/README.W32, but you can't build it with a Windowes based
WK> toolchain.

Is this done voluntarily, to limit or complicate its build and distribution
on Windows ? Not all developers having to work on Windows for their
living have skills on Linux and other free oses. It would be excellent
for them to be able to grab the source and compile it on Windows. It
would also greatly help the debugging. The fact the server issue on
Windows 2000 has not been fixed in months is very significant. I'm sure
if programmers working daily on Windows had a chance to compile and
debug GnuPG natively on Windows, that particular issue would have been
closed for long.

Are there licensing or political reasons not to let people compile GnuPG
with proprietary commercial compilers ? I suppose not.

Thank you very much,
Olivier Mascia <>