Configure Failed need red hat install help

Florian Weimer
Sun Jan 28 01:25:12 2001

Cindy Walsh <> writes:

> "I think the problem is "terminology". You need to ensure your program is
> using the following
> path to dev/null:
> /vs5/vs5/my_virtual_host_name/dev/null/
> Not just /dev/null.
This is just crap. UNIX-like operation systems must provide /dev/null with the usual semantics, cf. The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2:
| The following files exist on conforming systems and are both
| readable and writable.
| /dev/null
| An infinite data source and data sink. Data written to
| /dev/null is discarded. Reads from /dev/null always return
| end-of-file (EOF).
You can't expect that compiling software on such a broken system will work. If I were you, I'd be happy if anything runs on this machine at all.