make abort with "illegal instruction" on "AIX 1 4 002002896700" ( i.e. uname -srvm)
Tue Jan 30 12:14:01 2001

Hello GnuPG users,

I urgently need to get a working binary for an AIX box.

First I tried the configure-make run without any additional
flags, which of course aborted with errors.
Then after a "make distclean" I had a try with the in the INSTALL
file mentioned CFLAGS="-g -O2 -mcpu=powerpc" for AIX targets.
This also aborted with (now) assembler errors of several
"non-implemented instructions".
After another distclean I tried in addition to the above CFLAG
macro the configure option --disable-asm (probably lured into by
the assembler errors).
This at least produced less errors but still aborted with the
following sent to stderr:
gpg: Please note that you don't have secure memory on this system
make[2]: *** [pubring.gpg] Illegal instruction
make[2]: *** Deleting file `pubring.gpg'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [all-recursive-am] Error 2

The irritating thing is that I already menaged to successfully
build a working gpg binary on another of our AIX boxes which
encrypts and decrypts fine on the other box, but when copied onto
the AIX box where I actually need the binary for the execution of
say "gpg -h" aborts with "illegal instruction" :-(

Has anyone of you encountered similar difficulties and finally
found a work around?

Apart from the above, I would like to check the sources (GnuPG
tarball) for authenticity.
Since we don't have a running gpg (from verified sources) so far
I would want to check against the published MD5 checksum.
Now I don't have the md5sum binary to do the check, but rather
the CPAN module Digest::MD5 installed somewhere.
Thus I produced a small snippet of Perl to do the check by
invocating the hexdigest method from this module.
But my output deviates from the published one:

from my Perl script:
as published on

Does this mean that I cannot use the CPAN module for calculting
the check sum?

Many TIA
Ralph Grothe

P.S. please enclose me in the Cc field in your replies since I
haven't yet subscribed to your mailing list.
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