Help on the gpg usage.

Yin Lei
Wed Jan 31 02:51:00 2001

Hi there:

I just compiled gnupgp-1.0.4 on my solaris system with the

Meanwhile, I also installed EGD into my system because the configurator
said that the unix random generator is not good enough. After starting the
EGD daemon, I tried to create my new key by gpg. But it doesn't work.
The error message is shown in following:

sh>  gpg: fatal: can't connect to `entropy': No such file or directory
     secmem usage: 2272/2272 bytes in 7/7 blocks of pool 2272/16384

Actually, there is such a file in ~/.gnupg directory. However, it is empty
and I can't open it. And, in directory, GNUPGPPATH/lib/gnupg, there
is no file named as "rndegd". What's wrong with my PGP?


PS: please CC to me.

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