Config.status on OS X

Werner Koch
Wed Jun 20 19:06:01 2001

 || On Wed, 20 Jun 2001 18:09:01 +0200
 || Sebastian Hagedorn <> wrote: 

 sh> No need to become self-righteous. It's not a Mac OS X problem, it's a
 sh> zsh problem. Of course you can claim that only bash or the original sh
 sh> are 'worthy' if that makes you happy.

The shell is part of every Unix like OS.  The GnuPG configure stuff
works fine on _dozens_ of different OSes even on some very old ones.
So I expect that Apple gets it right and I won't change GnuPG just for
one "new" OS and break dozens over others.

 sh> Anyway, AFAIK Akim *does* do it in autoconf - in autoconf-2.50, that
 sh> is. So, will the next gnupg release support autoconf-2.50??

If it turns out that it does not break too much systems I will
probably change to it.  The recent problems with the updated gettext
made me somewhat cautious.

 sh> This mail was proudly sent using Mac OS X

This mail was proudly sent using a Linux based GNU system - which is
entirely Free Software.  Voluntary work for a proprietary OS is a
courtesy - if there are other important tasks to be done for Free
Software I will do the latter.



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