Selecting primary UID

Lee Evans
Tue Jun 26 11:07:02 2001

Werner Koch wrote:

> || On Fri, 22 Jun 2001 11:06:45 +0100
> || Lee Evans <> wrote:
> le> I have two UID's on my keypair, I wondered if it is possible to
> le> specify which is the primary UID - the actual problem is that
> le> when I sign someone elses key, it is signing it with my second
> le> UID, rather than the one I want it to use.
> That is not true. You sign with your key and not using a user ID. It
> is just that GnuPG chooses one of your key IDs as the one to be
> printed along with a keyID.
> Don't confuse that with _you_ are signing a key - in this case you
> indeed sign the (primary) key _and_ the user ID(s).
Okay, I realize that, but I wondered if it was possible to specify which UID gnupg uses primarily. The problem is that I have one keypair, with a personal UID and a work-related UID. When I sign a key, it is currently specifying that it is signed by <my key> and and printing my work-related UID along with it. The problem with this is that it suggests that the company in some way validates the authenticity of the key, rather than myself personally. Further, I probably won't work here forever, and if/when I leave it would be better if keys I have signed do not have my therefore ex-work UID details on. Much appreciated Lee Evans