How to set wrap for textmode

Marck D. Pearlstone
Sun May 6 02:15:02 2001

Hi Johan,

On 05 May 2001 at  19:29:23 +0200 (MET DST) (which was 18:29 where I
live) Johan Wevers wrote to GnuPG users and made these points:

JW> Client's editors invoked by mailreaders should not do such things
JW> without asking. It's nut gnupg's responisbility to bypass the bugs
JW> of other editors or mailreaders.

While that may be true, it is what nearly all major MUAs in Windows
do. That includes Outlook, OE and Eudora. That's got to be 80% of all
windows MUAs. I hasten to add that I use The Bat! which *doesn't* do
this and wraps only during message creation.

JW> And besides that, the sender of a message can't know how the
JW> receiver will wrap. If he's affraid about that he should format
JW> the message himself before signing.


JW> BTW, is this "feature" new in the NAI windows pgp versions? I
JW> can't find it in any 2.x version.

Certainly post 2.x then, but in all versions since at least 6.0 AFAICS.

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