M$ Outlook - Plugin for GPG?

Peter Kuhm peter.kuhm@plus.at
Sat Nov 10 17:15:01 2001

At 09:57 10.11.01 -0500, David R. Bergstein wrote:

>The key management tool in G-DATA is GPA, 

I see! At Kai Raven's http://home.arcor.de/kraven/pgp/pgp02aa.html
(german language) he had no problem with Win2000 but advises to use
the key management from GPGshell <GnuPGkeys.exe> instead. 
BTW, GPGshell is a really nice GUI, pretty similar to WinPT but IMvHO
a little bit smarter with the right mouse button and in optical appearance.

>but unfortunatetly the v0.91
>plugin seems to be linked to an older version of GnuPG (1.04 AFIK).  This
>fails to work properly for me w/Outlook 2000.  Here is a discussion thread I
>recently posted to on the WinPT users list.

so if I understand you correctly the GDATA_plugin_091-eng.exe at 
http://www3.gdata.de/gpg/download.html includes also GPA and an older
gpg version a well? Doesn't it work, simply replacing the old gpg/gpa files
with the actual version? (maybe after wading through registry/settings)