M$ Outlook - Plugin for GPG?

Kai Raven kai.raven@t-online.de
Sun Nov 11 10:06:02 2001

Hello Peter,

on 10.11.2001 [17:13 h] you wrote:

> so if I understand you correctly the GDATA_plugin_091-eng.exe at
> http://www3.gdata.de/gpg/download.html includes also GPA and an older
> gpg version a well? Doesn't it work, simply replacing the old gpg/gpa files
> with the actual version? (maybe after wading through registry/settings)

You can choose during setup between a full installation with GPA and only with the
plug-in with GDATA_plugin_091-eng.exe.
I recommend to instal GnuPG from www.gnupg.org and than to intstal from G-DATA
only the plug-in.

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