M$ Outlook - Plugin for GPG?

Hanno 'Rince' Wagner Hanno 'Rince' Wagner" <wagner@fitug.de
Mon Nov 12 17:04:01 2001


Peter Kuhm schrieb am 10. November 2001:

> I see! At Kai Raven's http://home.arcor.de/kraven/pgp/pgp02aa.html
> (german language) he had no problem with Win2000 but advises to use
> the key management from GPGshell <GnuPGkeys.exe> instead. 
> BTW, GPGshell is a really nice GUI, pretty similar to WinPT but IMvHO
> a little bit smarter with the right mouse button and in optical appearance.

Well, I can't use it here on NT; the plugin isn't able to start gpg
for crypting mails; signing works fine. Unfortunately, it doesn't
give me the correct errormessage..

GPGshell seems to be nice, but I haven't figured out which one is
better. GPA isn't downloadable somewhere in binary-format for Win32...

Ciao, Hanno
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