Configuring GNUPG 1.06 in RedHat 7.1

Rich Burroughs
Sun Sep 16 22:40:01 2001

On Sat, 15 Sep 2001, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:

> Note: Redhat 7.1 probably has a package for GnuPG, too, so you don't
> need to compile it yourself, just install the package whose name is
> "gpg" or "gnupg" or similar (If you _want_ to compile GnuPG by
> yourself, you are welcome to, just informing you there is an easier
> way).
The one on the 7.1 cd is 1.04. There is a 1.06 package in the updates, though. You can get it here: Marty, I've compiled and installed 1.06 on RedHat 7.1 and it works fine. It does look like you're missing some development packages. I think that you'll need gcc, make, autoconf, and automake, at least. If you do want to compile it yourself, try installing them and see where you get. You'll want them for building a lot of other software, too, if you expect to be compiling much. Rich