Mutt and old-style encrypted and signed messages

David K. Trudgett
Tue Sep 25 06:57:01 2001

On Tuesday 2001-09-25 at 13:19:43 +1000, David K. Trudgett wrote:

> Hi!
> Many of you who use Mutt will no doubt be aware that it takes the
> OpenPGP/MIME route to message encryption. Fine. I have no problem with
> that, since that is the way it should be. But how do I configure Mutt
> so that it will also automatically invoke GnuPG to decrypt/verify
> old-style messages received? At the present time, if I receive such a
> message, I have to save the message to a file and manually run "gpg"
> to be able to read the contents.
Well, I've found a slightly easier way: when viewing the message, just press "|" and pipe it into "gpg --decrypt | less". That, together with the fact that after pressing "|" I can press the UP arrow to re-use the previously entered command, makes it not too inconvenient. This still doesn't help me if I want to quote the message in reply, though. I'm looking for a feature that can trigger a filter based on the contents of the message, but if it exists I haven't seen it yet.
> A related question is: if I know my recipient requires the old-style
> format, how do I tell Mutt to encrypt using the old-style and not use
> multi-part MIME?
I've now RTFM and put a "set pgp_create_traditional=ask-no" into my ".muttrc" file. Now I have an extra ENTER to press whenever I send encrypted email. It would be nice if it could choose based on a "send-hook" or something. Is that possible? Thanks. David Trudgett