Freedom of speech(was: Cipher etc.)

Veronica Loell
Tue Apr 23 10:12:02 2002

I definately agree with Graham, but wanted to add my own thoughts.

I think it's safe to say that the original comment was not "bashing".
If you have the same program installed on different OS:es, whether
it is totally different one's or different versions of the same OS
you will have different problems, a bug that appears in one OS will
not nessecarily show up in all OS:es. Hence it is a good step towards
solving a problem to know what kind of platform it occurs on, I would 

This said, try not to take peoples comments as an offence, even though
it might seem like it to you. This sort of thing is what starts wars
and other ugly things.

Also one person saying something that you consider offensive is no
reason to start acting in the same manner. If you do, you really have
no right to complain about how the person was acting, since you do
the same thing yourself.

Just my two cents...

- Veronica Loell

>Subject: Re: Freedom of speech(was: Cipher etc.)
>   From: Graham <>
>   Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 08:44:07 +0100
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>On Tuesday 23 April 2002 7:35 am, Mikko Moilanen wrote:
>> I recommend you to search some group where people treats Microsoft as
>> you like, if you cant stand terms what people use about it. I call it
>> what I want and so do others. I can stand it if you say Microsoft as
>> an higher os. But I cant stand that you begin to threaten my and
>> others freefom of speech.
>What a crass reply!  This is a GnuPG mailing list: GnuPG is on a number 
>of OS, not just Linux.  This is nothing to do with any one OS being 
>"better" than any other (I use Linux totally, but I am willing to 
>accept that Windows does somethings better than Linux), this is nothing 
>to do with freedom of speech (anyway, freedom doesn't give you licence, 
>it gives you more reason to act responsibly), it is more about being 
>polite to others on the list.
>Which, unless I am very much mistaken, is one of the rules of this list.
>>Say what you want, I will say what I want.
>Certainly, providing it is polite and not insulting.  We are all 
>entitled to differing points of view, however distasteful those views 
>may appear to others.  But if you want to express those views in an 
>insulting manner, please do it elsewhere and not on this list.
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