Commercial PGP is back

R. Bradley Tilley
Tue Aug 20 18:30:02 2002

On Tue, 2002-08-20 at 11:12, Ryan Malayter wrote:
> From: Werner Koch [] 
> >> Commercial PGP is back:
> >
> >Please don't confuse "commercial" with "proprietary". 
> >PGP is not Free Software but FS can definitely be 
> >"commercial".
> Point taken. Still, though, this is good news for PGP on the corporate
> Windows desktop. We've tried to substitute GPG and various shells, and
> our tech people were fine with it, but our regular users just hated
> everything we tired. Although the security issues of closed-source
> encryption software are worrisome, there's nothing open-source I've seen
> that comes close to the PGP suite's ease-of-use.

I disagree. Evolution and kmail are two examples of *extremely* easy to
use apps that have built-in support for gpg. Point and click just like
MS... why can't your users use on of these apps?
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