Is there a GPGME API for Windows?

Werner Koch
Wed Feb 6 17:38:02 2002

On Tue, 5 Feb 2002 17:15:03 -0600, Ryan Malayter said:

> development version of this component in his CVS repository:

Timo is also working on this.  See

> Again, there's just source code, probably because of licensing issues. You
> need to compile it yourself to make it work.

There is no licensing issue - I just don't build windows versions for free.

> Otherwise, there's the Cygwin environment, which can use GPGME. See

You might run into problem with too many open contexts.  IIRC,
Cygwin32 has a low limit on the maximum file descriptors you can use
in a select().  OTOH, the vanilla windows version needs many threads
to emulate a select().  It is a very stupid design to have a
WaitOnMultipleObjects() without the ability to wait on a file/pipe


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