Getting a key from a keyserver..

Søren Hansen
Wed Feb 20 09:26:01 2002

A'ight, I need to get something straight..

When I want to send an e-mail to someone for the first time, how do I
get his public key? The obvious answer would be: Get it from a
keyserver. Well then.. How? As far as I can see, to get a key from a
keyserver, I need the recipients key ID. How do I get my hands on that
one? When I go to, I can search for an e-mail address. Why
can't I do that from the gnupg commandline? What do you guys do? Is it
really necessary to send a regular e-mail to the person in quesion,
asking for his public key? If so, is the keyserver only good for
checking for additional signatures on a persons key?

Enlighten me, please!

Salu2, Søren.