Cannot encrypt/decrypt zip-Files correctly (Andreas)

Steve Butler
Wed Jun 5 18:32:01 2002

gpg will compress every bit as good as gzip.  So, if you are going to
compress and encrypt in a single command line, then let gpg do the

However, as the list contributors stated earlier, if you have to save =
un-encrypted file in a compressed state, then do the compression outside =
gzip and then encrypted the already compressed file.  There is a flag =
can pass to tell gpg to not attempt to compress the file.  Otherwise you =
the small risk of the file actually increasing in size as it attempts
further compression.

In your case where you are dumping a database, I can understand =
the dump on the fly as it comes out of the database.  That is what I do =
order to keep the dump under 2 Gigs (and I use split just in case the
compressed file does go over 2 Gigs).  Should I have to send that in the
wild (ie, internet) then I'd want to encrypt it without uncompressing it

But, if you are going to dump/compress/encrypt all at once, then dump
directly into gpg and let it do the compression and encryption.

--Steve Butler
Oracle Administrator
First Choice Health Network

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Thank you very much, now it works, I just had to add --homedir, that was
all. CHMOD was 700, but it was not important. That=B4s how it works:

system ("gzip -c /www/path/to/file.htm | gpg --homedir
/www/path/to/.gnupg -o /www/path/to/out.gpg -e --default-recipient

Thanks a lot!

Now I try to get the whole Script running. But what did you think about
compression? Why not gzip?

-- Andreas

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