weird WARNING messages with 1.0.7

Peter T. Abplanalp
Wed Jun 12 14:36:02 2002

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 02:22:55PM +0200, Werner Koch wrote:

> Can we make this message any clearer?

gpg: WARNING: --honor-http-proxy is a deprecated option,
gpg: please use "--keyserver-options honor-http-proxy" instead.
gpg: You should edit your ~/.gnupg/options and replace the line
gpg: "honor-http-proxy" by a line
gpg: "keyserver-options honor-http-proxy".  Note that the leading
gpg: dashes are not used in the options file.
gpg: Thank you for using gnupg.  Was it good for you?


Peter Abplanalp