Unexpected Filename Upon Decrypt

Adam Pavelec apavelec@benefit-services.com
Wed Jun 19 16:05:01 2002

> > When the process is finished, the file "nnnnnnnnnnnnnn.zip" is extracted
> > (where n = a random number).  Decrypting the same file with Network
> > Associates PGP results in the file "PCnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.zip", which is what
> > file is actually supposed to be named.
> I don't know about this.
> > Somehow, I believe the message "gpg: NOTE: cipher algorithm 3 not found
> > preferences" is related to this issue.  Any ideas?
> Actually, I don't think this has anything to do with it. I assume the
> sender is encrypting to DFFE654A, as if he or she were encrypting to your
> key you would not be getting this message. Cipher algorithm 3 is CAST5.
> The key in question has no preferences listed, which means that
> implementations MUST assume that it can do only 3DES (cipher algorithm
> 2). The implementation that encrypted to you did not do this, therefore
> violating the standard (RFC 2440, et al.).  It is RECOMMENDED by the
> standard that when implementations violate this rule, that the receiving
> implementation warn the user. So it did.

Thank you for the reply.  I will *recommend* to the sender that they
consider being more RFC 2440 compliant.