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Lionel Elie Mamane
Mon Mar 4 20:15:01 2002

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On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 09:40:47AM -0800, Nick Andriash wrote:

> BTW, why does GnuPG use terms like "foo" and "man page"?

> The terms are non-sensical...

Not that much, at least for man page.

> I've never even heard the term man page before...

You have never used an Unix-like system, that's why. Man pages are the
main source of documentation on an Unix-like system. They are then
accessed with "man name_of_command". For example, the man page of gpg
is summoned up with the command "man gpg". There are graphical
interfaces for man pages, too, but I never used one.

> "foo" doesn't even exist?=20

foo, bar, fubar, baz are usual terms in the hacker community for
metavariable. When you need some name for the sake of the example, you
take foo. If you need two names, you take foo and bar. Three, foo, bar
and baz.

Look at the jargon file =F7)

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