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Armin Schöch
Tue Mar 5 08:49:01 2002

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Hi Nick !

> With all due respect Armin, the instructions exactly as you have listed
> do not exist in the "man page". What you have typed is a reflection of
> your expertise in using GPG... not something you get by reading the
> Manual once. ;o)

They do :-) But you are right that there is nothing like a man page on
a windows system. You can find an online version of the GPG man(ual)
page at:
Somewhere down the list of options you find "--export-secret-keys"
Others have already pointed out that it is enough to type "man gpg" on
a *nix box to get this information.

I didn't mean to offend, just to point him to where he can find
further information about all command-line options of gpg. That's why
I gave him the answer in addition to the hint to have a look at the
gpg docs.

Hope we can end this thread and have all learned something :-)

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